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 Ragnar Skulason, Financial Specialist, HK.

 Ragnar is a 32 year old professional in the finance industry, based in Hong Kong. His days are defined by frequent meetings both in and out of the office, short and long business trips, presentations and conference calls. Schedules are hectic, there is little time for technical setup before meetings and no tolerance for issues. His phone and his iPad are usually the only computers he carries with him.


Why Sound Cover?

Using Sound Cover as an ad-hoc sound and conference call system has certainly made my days easier! First of all, the Sound Cover is a great cover and protection for my tablet. Secondly, it´s ultra-portable and being so thin it slides smoothly into my brief case. Thirdly, it´s a great speaker and microphone solution – whether the situation is a formally seated meeting, a conference call or a presentation with a mobile primary speaker. Lastly… it looks super cool. ;) Great design always calls for respect!

I also use the Sound Cover a lot after work, both for calls, music and video in the hotel room or at home. The sound quality keeps amazing me!

Petur Hannes Olafsson
Petur Hannes Olafsson


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