About Us


Sound Cover is idea and product of onanoff, design brand that focuses on making technology fit seamlessly into your every day life.

The Founders

onanoff was set up in 2010 to fulfill Icelanders, Petur Olafsson’s and Bjarki Gardarsson lifelong ambition to design and produce functional, stylish and ergonomic technology products for everyday use. Drawing on inspiration from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of his creative team as well as his homeland, they ensures that onanoff focuses on designs that are distinctive with style, practical and affordable.

"Aptly named onanoff referencing the fundamental basic action of all electronics, the on and off button, the company represents what is basic and necessary for all users through the creation of easy-to-use essential gadget accessories."


The Team & Values

onanoff is strategically based with its headquarters in Hong Kong, close to its manufacturing base in China, with offices in Iceland, USA & Hong Kong, creating a melting pot of cultures, experiences and creativity.


If there is a problem that needs solving or value to be added, onanoff’s accessories add real value to our products through innovation.


Electronics are an integral part of your household and life, the days of accepting them as a visual disruptor in your life are over.


onanoff design focuses on the products core value without adding complexity, just keeping it functional and simple.